10 Tips to Help Photogs on G+ Part 2: Google+ Hangout with Kelby & Friends

Following their first video on tips on Google+ Basics, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion rounded up a few of us in an awesome Google+ Hangout to talk about our current most favorite thing in the world: Google+! I joined Alex Koloskov, HDR pioneer Trey Ratcliff, Mike Wiacek, Brian Matiash and Scott Jarvie to delve into the benefits and uses of Google+ for photographers. This still-new social network platform seems like a dream platform for photographers with a cool and clean way to display crisp and large photographs, and it has changed the way that I interact online more than any other social network has. Watch the insightful conversation and learn how to optimize the platform to connect with followers and to share your images in a fresh, new way.


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