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ART FOR AIDS ORPHANS is an annual art auction to benefit children orphaned and affected by HIV and AIDS. Supported by international artists who donate their work, local businesses who offer their services, an amazing urban exhibit space and a lot of goodwill, ART FOR AIDS ORPHANS aims to raise funds and awareness through our […]

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Bizbash1_2 is the world’s largest B2B site for event planning professionals with over 350,000 unique users.  The site and the magazine allow event professionals to go behind the scenes of real events so that they can find ideas and resources for planning all types of corporate and non-profit events in local markets. The uniquely contextualized […]

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You can see our images up on the Reuters Screen (largest digital display in the world) and NASDAQ Screen (21 stories high) in Times Square all week.  Images displayed on screens include NASDAQ and Reuters VIPS, NASDAQ Annual Closing Bell Ceremony, Reuters ReMix ReDux Annual Exec Party, and Band Members. Overall, the day was a […]

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