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Ted, Tasmanian Farmer

At 81 years old, one of my favorite people from Tasmania, Theodore Castle, has passed away.  Ted was an amazing man, full of life and humor.  Just to give you an idea of his personality, three weeks before he passed a nurse came into his room with decorative feathers in her hair.  “How do you […]

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PDN Face’s Winner

It’s a straightforward concept that really took off: a contest on portraits of faces. And based on the overwhelming response PDN received, they stand by the old adage that “Less is more.” The winning images are divided into four categories of portraiture: celebrity/editorial, environmental, self-portraits and animals.   Like this post0 Likes

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image narration.jpg

One of my Image Narrrations received an Honorable Mention in Vegas this WPPI.  It is quite an honor, as it is the first multimedia piece they have awarded.  You may check it out on my website. Enjoy!   Like this post0 Likes

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album winners.jpg

1st Place, Album Category, WPPI

Above is a photograph of the three 1st place album winners at WPPI, Vegas 2009 – Catherine Hall (me! – 1st place, event / non-wedding), Deatte and JB Salee (wedding – multiple photographers), and Jerry Ghionis (wedding – single photographer).This year I was incredibly excited receive 1st Place at WPPI for my album on Tasmania.  […]

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