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Sky Bergman There’s a saying that behind every talented person is a talented teacher. If you think about it, it must be true, even if that “teacher” only taught life lessons. When I was in college, I was fortunate enough to have a professor who not only taught me photography skills, but who also […]

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My latest “Image Stories” issue has been selected by Campaign Monitor in their featured galleries section.  Other featured companies include Suburu, DHL, Apple, etc.Here is what they had to say about my bi-monthly newsletter – Image Stories:Photographer Catherine Hall approaches her newsletter as if it were her journal. There is plenty of emotion delivered in the email’s […]

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TWiT (This week in Tech) Podcast:  The panel included Catherine Hall, Patrick Norton, Jason Calacanis, Brian Brushwood, Dr. KiKi.   Topics discussed include:  Swine flu, Microsoft revenue drops, Apple poo-poos netbooks, The Pirate Bay, and more.   Like this post0 Likes

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Journal entry #15 – The People of Tasmania As I sit on the plane returning to SF I feel deeply saddened as though a part of my heart has been left in Tasmania. My love for this island does not route from the expected such as sensational landscapes, magical forests, exotic wildlife, but lies in […]

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