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I’ve never considered myself a hoarder but when it comes to photography, I may need to re-evaluate this self-perception. I still have my first camera along with my first negatives and prints from my very first school assignments and the beginning of my photography career. I always wonder what other photographers do with their old […]

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I recently read my blog and realized that while its chalk full of accomplishments it doesn’t really say anything about ME but rather only talks about what I do.  In fact with the exception of a few photographic highlights (thanks to my clients!) it is pretty boring. It almost reads like a visual resume. As […]

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Check out This Week in Photography (TWIP) Podcast #128 on Price Perception. I had a great time putting together this podcast with the talented Fredrick Van Johnson and Alex Lindsay. We address the issue: Should Wedding Photographers be charging $500 or wait until they can charge $5,000 in addition to some other interesting discussions. I […]

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