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There are times in our lives when we need a little reassurance and then it suddenly appears at just the right moment. Sitting on a bench, nervously contemplating one of my first speaking engagements at a major convention, I was beginning to doubt myself. Rather than hyping myself up, all I focused on was whether […]

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Image from the Viceroy, Anguilla website I had just finished presenting at Wedding 360 and I was more than ready for lunch. Waiting impatiently for my food at the St. Regis buffet table, I secretly prayed that I would not have to engage in any form of conversation. I saw someone approaching me. I clung tightly […]

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Photograph by Gene Higa Lighting Journal entry # 2 – one year ago… Every girl loves to shop. And as a total tech geek it doesn’t get much better than this. I can’t wait to get to work with the great equipment I’ve chosen, all from industry leaders in the world of lighting technology. Here’s […]

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  So much of my passion and photographic style stems from my first encounter with Steve McCurry’s imagery. Seeing his work for the first time, I experienced a calming realization that I had encountered my ultimate inspiration. This connection defined a place of belonging, revealing stylistic interests that were not being stimulated by my more […]

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I guess it started a while ago when I realized that for most wedding photographers, myself included, “I exclusively work with natural light” translates into “I am afraid of strobe.” For many years, I lived by this mantra understanding and celebrating pure, natural light. However, despite the ability to manipulate this light, I have to […]

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