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I’m caked in fine, white desert dust and rivers of sweat travel down my sunburned, bikini-clad back. The temperature exceeds 100 degrees; the sun is stark against the cerulean sky and its light bounces off the desert floor, blinding my eyes. “How did I get here?” I wonder. “What has brought me, and all of […]

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Next Thursday, May 25th, I am excited to be a speaker for PDN’s Focus on Wedding and Portrait Photography Virtual Event. The two-day virtual event for photographers is designed to be very interactive, informative, and inspirational. This expo is full of excellent speakers, very well versed in the world of promotion, marketing, and what it […]

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Beautiful view from the bedroom of my Villa Me with extraordinary host Virgil Napier (he could write a book on it!) A gentle breeze blew a lock of hair across my face as I stepped onto our villa patio to gaze at the sparkling turquoise water. I breathed in deeply, enjoying the fresh scent of an […]

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