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Cath Cute

How I squelched my fear of using strobe on-site. In the wedding-photography industry, the use of natural lighting is the norm. I’m interested in changing that. By incorporating artificial lighting techniques into my repertoire, I am able to share with my clients the gift of visual depth, saturation, and drama–something I couldn’t always otherwise achieve […]

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And the Lowepro Bag Winner Is… What a great response to my giveaway offer–thank you to everybody who participated in the contest. In order to win a free Lowepro Stealth Reporter D650 AW shoulder bag, I asked folks to craft a striking, vivid description of their favorite photograph of all time. Wow, you people are […]

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Bay Photo Lab is sponsoring eight large-scale metal prints for CHS’ September Burning Man art installation. This is my opportunity to extend a grateful thank you to Bay Photo Lab, without whose support, a new chapter in my artistic career wouldn’t be possible. Creative impulse becomes art only within the context of an integrated community. […]

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