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I’m incredibly honored that the International Aperture Awards selected me to be a judge for their 2010 photography competition! It is one of the world’s most prestigious online photography competitions and awards handsome cash prizes to the winners. In order to introduce their panel of international judges to the photography community, they have been conducting […]

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As an artist, I’ve long had an affinity for soft, velvety light full of rich tonal gradations. Two main components determine the degree of softness of a light to subject: The size of the source. The distance from the source to the subject. A Chimera softbox increases the source size of a concentrated, artificial light source such a strobe […]

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I slept in the back of a U-Haul van, lest I be forced to brave the nighttime, 40-degree temperatures sans shelter. I sported industrial goggles for days, lest the 70 mile-per-hour sandstorms fling dust into my eyes. I wore state-of-the-art Bose headphones to muffle the ceaseless drone of all-night-long, eclectic, house-electronic music. I looked on […]

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Good morning, friends! I’m back, after a rollicking and inspiring week on The Playa, where I premiered a metal-print solo exhibition at Burning Man–America’s most creatively-radical arts and culture festival, which attracted 50,000+ visitors. Wow. I cannot overstate just how moving others’ responses to the exhibition were. I’ll provide a comprehensive recap of my time […]

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The use of artificial lighting allows for more flexibility as a photographer. Although natural lighting is undeniably beautiful, it ultimately limits your control over the background. For instance, when I’m shooting indoors, a subject might have alighted upon the perfect position in the room for the window light to beautifully illumine the cheekbone and clavicle. […]

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