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Stephanie Anderson of Tahoe Unveiled recently appeared on the Today Show in promotion of her “A Day in the Mountains” vendor-client event. She not only invited me to speak at her gathering, but also featured on TV one of my recent Lake Tahoe wedding pictures from Angela’s & Jeremy’s lavish and fun-filled celebration. Big thanks […]

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I just got word over the holiday weekend: Digital Photo Magazine honored my photograph – Ted, Tasmanian Sheep Farmer – with a first-place award in their Art of Photography Contest, Environmental Portraits category. If you are looking to gain recognition and connections within the imaging arts community, submitting your work to contests is crucial—but be […]

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In the popular imagination, wedding is synonymous with bride. The occasion celebrates her taste, intelligence, and grace. Indeed, an entire industry developed around her sparkling engagement ring, luminescent gown, and momentous procession down the aisle. I decided it was high-time to shake things up a bit. For a recent photo shoot, I trained my focus on the oft-neglected […]

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Jacqueline Quinn Balducci | Born October 21, 2010 | 7 lbs | 20.5 inches Would you look at my gorgeous, beautiful, perfect baby niece?! Only a few days old in this photograph, my darling Jacqueline is my new joy… and namesake! Bet you didn’t know that my given, legal name is actually Jacqueline. It was […]

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  Avenger Personality The AVENGER brand was born 20 years ago, answering to the need of the photo and cine markets of having a boundless product for any set. Product quality is the hallmark of this range, which can withstand extreme use, rough atmospheric conditions, very high stress and heavy loads. All products have been […]

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