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engage!11: Night + Day

Here’s what I expected before attending engage!11: getting inspired through a meeting of the best minds of our industry. But what I got from the luxury wedding event held in San Diego was so much more. A perfect wedding day is typically such a high-pressure event. Everyone from photographers, videographers, event designers, floral artists, caterers, […]

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Warrior of Light

Canon EOS 20D | 85mm | 1/13 | f/6.3 Joshua Stedman has been labeled “Stevie Wonder meets Seal with the voice of Sting.” I also know him as my Ex. We remained good friends and this is my favorite photograph of him. This image illustrates the magnetic burst of energy you feel when you are […]

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Hey, Chubby

It’s true. I used to be a chubby kid. Ostracized and made fun of. It sounds like a cliche – or like the plot of many a bad adolescent movie. Most the time I could ignore my less then perfect state, except when a major bully (damn Chris Olson) would put me in my place. […]

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Joe has been a mentor to me for many years starting back to the days we worked at Getty Images together in New York. Joe has had the sort of gigs bright-eyed photography students dream about – LIFE, National Geographic, the list goes on.  Despite his enormous success, he has always been approachable, generous with […]

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To say I am excited about Leo Laporte making me the new co-host of his brand new photography show, TWiT Photo, would be a gross understatement. I’m overwhelmed by your support via twitter & email – this is surely a milestone of my career. You can’t imagine how stoked I am to interview an awesome […]

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