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Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart has found some fascinating hobbies to fill his “free time.” This incessantly creative mind has traveled the world to not only create incredible art, but also to utilize his artistic skills to help those in need. On this week’s TWiT Photo, Jeremy reveals his creative process with a video of the creation […]

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The LowePro Pro Messenger AW Series camera bags truly embody the spirit of adventure and travel. Completely understated, these bags quietly whisper, “Don’t look at me. I’m not important. I’m not a camera bag.” In this recent shoot in San Francisco (picture), I felt right at home blending my bag in with those of the […]

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TWiT Photo: Guest Quest

CreativeLive pioneer Chase Jarvis. NAPP President and No. 1 bestselling author Scott Kelby. Pulitzer Prize winner Vincent Laforet. Are you ready to take your place next to such industry legends? The premier photo show in the industry—TWiT Photo— is looking to showcase the hottest emerging photographer. TWiT Photo is the flagship photography show on the […]

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It’s Not Broken!

“It’s not broken!” These were the first words I ever heard uttered by interior-architect icon Cortney Novogratz.  After returning from the hospital with their nine-year-old son, Breaker, Cortney shouted her message up the stairwell in the six-story $20-million West Village home where she and her husband Robert live. Well, where they’re living for now.  Cortney […]

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rick sammon

  Self-proclaimed non-specialist Rick Sammon displays an infectious enthusiasm for photography of any kind, which makes him a pleasure to work with and one of the most exceptional educators in the industry. I had the opportunity to see both of these this week on TWiT Photo, when he “pulled a Kelby” – that is, he […]

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