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Ever since I got on Google+, which is a great platform for photographers and a great way to admire a plethora of crisp and large images, I’ve caught on to the Photowalk bug. A few weekends ago, my team and I organized our first Photowalk at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco – part […]

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I remember the way she looked up at me – her large almond-shaped eyes were filled with a conflicting fear of the unknown shrouded by a sense of wonder. My travels in India took me to a secluded village somewhere along the Ganges River – if I thought being in India was a culture shock, […]

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I was excited to return to one of my favorite podcasts, This Week in Photo (TWiP), joined by digital image guru Ron Brinkmann, and my sometime TWiT Photo co-host Alex Lindsay. Ron, Alex, and I pondered the growing question over post-production – when should we outsource the work, and where is the industry going? I […]

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When you meet Sue Bryce, you can’t help but be captivated by her tenacity that has helped her build a successful business capturing the glamour and femininity of real women. During my shoot with her (yes, me on the other side of the lens!), she took charge and directed me with absolute ease and confidence […]

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