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Post + Photos by David Sanger He’s traveled to every corner of the globe – 100 countries and 40 years later, David Sanger will still spend days, driven by a passion to capture a fresh image of Prague or the Parthenon. An avid travel and adventure photographer myself, I’m inspired by David’s well-acclaimed ability to discover new beauty in […]

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Woman of War

This image is part of a 1940s “Woman of War” period piece I shot at San Francisco’s historic Julia Morgan Ballroom, which is nestled downtown right along the cable car lines and is one of the city’s architectural crown jewels. With this sumptuous and storied environment as my backdrop, I coordinated a 10-person team of […]

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  Navigating pesky little tots during a photo shoot can be tricky – Tamara Lackey’s protocol for manner-minding parents? “This is not the time to be raising moral humans.” You usually don’t associate the word “ballsy” with children portrait photographers, but Tamara’s not only a “ballsy” shooter dedicated to getting the perfect shot, she also doesn’t […]

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Wonder what the buzz is about Google+? Or, have you already signed up but aren’t sure where to begin? The deft team at Kelby Media, including the big man himself, Scott, Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion, put together a short 2-part online class packed full of great starter tips for newbies or people interested to […]

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Join me and my good friend Dane Sanders on his inspiring show, FastTrack Photographer, here. Watch us discuss the future of the industry as technology and photography continue to blur the lines between pro and enthusiast. I asked my Google+ friends this question and many of you had brilliant, well-considered insights. Here are a few […]

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