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  Melbourne based photographer Shannon McGrath trained in fine arts and photography at RMIT University. She has honed her practice over the last 12 years, concentrating on architecture and interior design with a growing interest in furniture, lighting and industrial design. Shannon has some great tips for shooting architecture: 1. Use a tilt shift lens […]

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TWiT Photo viewer ratings are the highest on record since the show’s debut, but our sales team has nonetheless been challenged to secure sufficient advertising. It has, in many ways, been an unusually tough sell: TWiT sponsors tend to be heavily tech-oriented; and our show, focused on the Art of Photography, is outside of this […]

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You have that favorite chair at home, don’t you?  You know, the one where you can prop your feet up, and just vege in front of the TV or take a power nap?  It’s a little worn, but it’s too comfy to get rid of, and you feel at home in it. Have you checked […]

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