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Quick Tip: Despite popular opinion, it is not always essential to shoot professional models. For many of my lifestyle shoots, I actually prefer to photograph real people.  For example, in this shot for John Deere, I found that real people created a more authentic story/feeling. This was shot at F/8 @ 1/250 sec. using Canon […]

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I once heard that when Sue Bryce photographs you, you become addicted. I wasn’t exactly sure what the meant. I mean – how do you become addicted to having your photograph taken? It is hard work to be a model – I can see it as thrilling, exciting, but addictive? Not so much. I ate […]

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Quick Tip: I love it when a couple brings awesome props to spice up the shoot. Whether it is a dog (they are always great fun) or a picnic basket, your subjects will have more fun and feel more comfortable when they are enjoying themselves. The best props are those that have a special meaning […]

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Quick Tip: Strobes, like a continuous light source, correspond to changes in aperture settings. For example, if you increase your aperture from f/5.6 to f/11, you must increase your strobe output by two stops to maintain a consistent exposure.When working in direct sunlight or nearly dark sets, choose a 1000 w/s strobe over a 500 […]

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Thank you so much to everyone who sent in entries for the contest. With hundreds of creative, clever and even funny taglines to choose from, it was really hard to choose just one. After much (heated!) discussion we selected “Photography Unfiltered – Inspiration Unlimited” by Kate Thomas. We ultimately chose this entry because it was […]

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