A Toast to Jean Marks!


Leading up to the celebration of a couple's nuptials, a highly refined, sophisticated, time-tested process occurs. Coordinators execute the vision of the bride, carrying out her unique approach to create a meaningful and monumental wedding day. Without the skill and savvy of a brilliant coordinator, the elegance and grandeur of a finely-crafted wedding would be but a dream. But what makes a coordinator truly epic is her or his attention to the details - including through expressions of gratitude. It's the handwritten cards, kind thank you calls, blog acknowledgements, and other special ways of reaching out that make a coordinator forever-endearing. Jean Marks is one such coordinator - her capacity to make everybody involved feel vital and significant amazes me. Part of the mutuality between a coordinator and photographer includes extolling one another's talents to other people in the wedding industry. Recently, Jean wrote a generous-beyond-words blog entry thanking me for contributing to her event. Jean is an example not only of creativity and execution, but also personal-and-public relations. Remember, it's the details, like genuine expressions of gratitude, that transform a great professional into an enduring figure in the hearts and minds of clients and industry insiders. I raise a toast to the wonderful Jean Marks!


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