And the Winner of the Tagline Contest is….

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in entries for the contest. With hundreds of creative, clever and even funny taglines to choose from, it was really hard to choose just one. After much (heated!) discussion we selected "Photography Unfiltered - Inspiration Unlimited" by Kate Thomas. We ultimately chose this entry because it was - well, unlimited. It embraced the idea we wanted the show and community to be boundless, not restricted to one genre, skill level or even media. Congratulations Kate on winning the cool Rezo 180 AW bag from LowePro. Another favorite was Aaron K - from a comment on the blog post. We did change it just a bit to "Your passion is our Inspiration" and will be using it as the sign off from the show. As Honorable Mention we will be sending you a LowePro camera strap. Congratulations Aaron!!! Also we wanted thank Ali Elhajj, Blake Johnson, Bryan Conner, Dennis Morassut, Gary Harris, Irene Liebler, Ivan Boden, Shawn Highfill, Victor Alberts, Paul Balchin, Tamara Pruessner, and Steven Ray Price. Your submissions were among our favorites as well. Thank you Lowepro for your support of this contest and photography education! Photography Unfiltered can be found:


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