Glimpses of Hell and Torture

As an artist, one of the greatest marvels I have ever seen is the Angkor Wat bas-relief gallery. Erected and completed in the 1100s, it's miraculous that you can still see the details and the exquisite and extensive craftwork that depicts stories of heaven and hell, and of the many battles between good and evil. Most people who see this photograph compliment me on how peaceful the shot is – as matter of fact, I've sold it to many yoga studios and spas as a stock image. The irony is, the wall panel - one of the bas-relief galleries of Angkor Wat - you see on the left actually depicts hell and torture. If you look closer, there are gruesome imagery of people having their bones broken, heads pierced with nails and skin branded with hot irons. Yeah, scary stuff.

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  1. What a wonderfully well composed photo! Such great, great lines and the lighting is perfect, especially considering the lighting looks like it might have been tricky.