The Boy Behind The Mask

It looked like it was built hundreds of years ago – and camouflaged in the mystery of the Appalachian mountains. You have to look closely to see it behind the shrubbery of the area; I pulled over and inside the house, masks lay on side dressers, props scattered all over the hardwood floor, costumes hanging behind doors. I thought I had stepped onto the backstage of a theater. And as luck would have it, this 2-year-old boy just happened to be playing in his room.

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  1. cute…. I may be biased a bit as the people of the Appalachian hills are near and dear to my heart. I am curious how come you didnt show a bit more of what was going on this room you are describing? the costumes laying around all the masks etc.. It would be nice to see what you were describing above. The little guy looks like he was a willing participant. Great capture.