Bay Photo Lab Sponsors CHS Burning Man Exhibition


Bay Photo Lab is sponsoring eight large-scale metal prints for CHS' September Burning Man art installation.

This is my opportunity to extend a grateful thank you to Bay Photo Lab, without whose support, a new chapter in my artistic career wouldn't be possible.

Creative impulse becomes art only within the context of an integrated community. This includes artists, their subjects and assistants, equipment producers and providers, and those who transform raw material into fresh mediums--Bay Photo is doing just that for the Catherine Hall Studios' world premier of eight, large-scale metal prints.

I will feature these luminescent images at this year's Burning Man, which takes place this September. Metal printing is an innovative technology in which coated-aluminum sheets are infused with dye, resulting in a color-saturated image with a tasteful metallic sheen.

Bay Photo is a metal-print industry leader, and I am humbled and thankful by their commitment to the photo-arts community.

From the ceremonial burning of a forty-foot tall statue to an exact-replica Spanish galleon ship that glides across the desert sand on wheels, Burning Man is the ultimate cultural experience. And after attending three previous Burning Man gatherings and erecting small photography exhibitions, I'm thrilled to finally contribute my own voice to the eclectic, dissonant chorus of artists attending the event.


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