Tip: It’s really important to constantly be challenging yourself in order to avoid getting stuck in a routine. Have fun with growing as an artist. I am continually reinventing myself, which has allowed both me and my work to grow.   Like this post19 Likes

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Karissa Lackey and Todd MarkerEngagement Session

Tip: I love shooting in the later afternoon, using a gold & silver zebra reflector to give my subjects a golden sunset glow.  These images often create a feeling of longing and romance.  Although I love the late afternoon look and feel … it probably isn’t the best fit for shooting a bank’s CEO. Corporate portraits […]

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Tip: Photographers often ask me for advice on finding a personal style. My feeling is that you don’t find your style; your style finds you. Be receptive to ideas that come to you as a photographer. You are never going to develop a unique style if you stick to what you know works and you’re […]

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Your main light source is the sun.  A reflector takes what it is given from the sun and modifies and redirects it.  That simple.  If you are shooting in broad daylight at noon and use a hard silver reflector to shine that sun right into your subject’s face, your photo will be a hard lit, […]

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Tip: If you have the desire to succeed and be exceptional, you will inevitably be exposed to criticism and rejection. Don’t be afraid to put yourself at risk and express yourself in a way that will allow you to grow. People are not going to pay a lot of money for a mediocre photographer. There are […]

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