Lighting Journal Entry #3 – One year ago… Our journey started off with a bang. Ryan and I were in complete agreement that Profoto was the only lights we wanted to use. Since the company is internationally recognized as the best, neither of us thought otherwise. We walked up to the Profoto booth at WPPI holding hands […]

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Photograph by Gene Higa Lighting Journal entry # 2 – one year ago… Every girl loves to shop. And as a total tech geek it doesn’t get much better than this. I can’t wait to get to work with the great equipment I’ve chosen, all from industry leaders in the world of lighting technology. Here’s […]

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I guess it started a while ago when I realized that for most wedding photographers, myself included, “I exclusively work with natural light” translates into “I am afraid of strobe.” For many years, I lived by this mantra understanding and celebrating pure, natural light. However, despite the ability to manipulate this light, I have to […]

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