Next Thursday, May 25th, I am excited to be a speaker for PDN’s Focus on Wedding and Portrait Photography Virtual Event. The two-day virtual event for photographers is designed to be very interactive, informative, and inspirational. This expo is full of excellent speakers, very well versed in the world of promotion, marketing, and what it […]

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PDN Face’s Winner

It’s a straightforward concept that really took off: a contest on portraits of faces. And based on the overwhelming response PDN received, they stand by the old adage that “Less is more.” The winning images are divided into four categories of portraiture: celebrity/editorial, environmental, self-portraits and animals.   Like this post0 Likes

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PDN_what to wear2.jpg

Take a look in this year’s PDN Wedding and Portrait Event Guide to see me featured in the “what to wear” article.   “What you wear to shoot a wedding not only sets the tone, but can also ensure future business…”   Like this post0 Likes

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PDN World in Focus Winner

I just found out that one of my images was a winner of PDN’s prestigious World in Focus Contest.  Winning images will be featured in winners gallery in PDN’s February 2009 issue and online at www.pdnonline.com.2008 World in Focus Winner   Like this post0 Likes

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