I will be part of a team of professional photographers and Adobe personnel working collectively and using a real-world backdrop to road-test the next generation of imaging software tools. Location:  The island of Tasmania, off the southern coast of Australia.  It is going to be fabulous!   Like this post0 Likes

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Tip: It can be intimidating to work with a subject you cannot control. Remember you are the artist and if you have a vision, don’t be afraid to ask for help. For my Tasmania series, I had a vision of a girl – who was wearing pants – twirling in a dress. So, I asked her […]

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Eyes will inevitably furrow and harbor a look of concern and curiosity when people hear that I’m not a huge vegetable eater. “Oh why?” “You have to start eating vegetables – they are essential for your well-being.” I couldn’t agree more theoretically, but to actually start changing your habitual diet is almost like asking a […]

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Unemployed Coal Miner

An unemployed coal miner smoking a cigarette in front of his home in the west coast of Tasmania, which is often referred to as the “Wild West.” Tasmania is one of the highlights of my photography career. I was honored to be part of a group of 17 internationally renowned photographers Adobe sent to the […]

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Canon EOS 5D | 33mm | 1/50 | f/20 Living in an urban area – and being used to machination and industrial products, we can often take our wonderful natural resources for granted. When Adobe sent me and a few other photographers to Tasmania a while back, the simple ways of the people opened my […]

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