The below image was recently pubslished in PDN’s Wedding & Events Issue.  It was a winner in the candid category of the annual Top Knots: The New School Of Wedding Photography Contest.  Click here to view all winners.   Like this post0 Likes

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This month Catherine Hall Studios is featured in PDN (the Rolling Stone of photo mags) as the only studio creating multimedia wedding pieces incorporating interviews and ambient noise.    It is great to receive recognition for our innovative approach in story-telling.   Like this post0 Likes

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Yet another filing cabinet is full with rolls of negatives. The sheets piling up trip after trip, year after year, project after project.  Trapped.  I have so much imagery and so many experiences to share with no options to “get my work out there”. Something had to change.  I feared that I would remain in […]

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The LowePro Pro Messenger AW Series camera bags truly embody the spirit of adventure and travel. Completely understated, these bags quietly whisper, “Don’t look at me. I’m not important. I’m not a camera bag.” In this recent shoot in San Francisco (picture), I felt right at home blending my bag in with those of the […]

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