I recently lost someone very close to me to cancer and this loss has been a lot more trying and complex than I could have ever imagined. Having to work through the grief and pain of loss has been quite trying. My achievement of the week? Starting to find relief and peace (I know its […]

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I relished in gathering with friends old and new at PDN PhotoPlus‘ recent conference. Amazing people were everywhere – and I have the pictures to prove it! Check ’em out.   Like this post0 Likes

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I’m caked in fine, white desert dust and rivers of sweat travel down my sunburned, bikini-clad back. The temperature exceeds 100 degrees; the sun is stark against the cerulean sky and its light bounces off the desert floor, blinding my eyes. “How did I get here?” I wonder. “What has brought me, and all of […]

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Lighting Journal Entry #3 – One year ago… Our journey started off with a bang. Ryan and I were in complete agreement that Profoto was the only lights we wanted to use. Since the company is internationally recognized as the best, neither of us thought otherwise. We walked up to the Profoto booth at WPPI holding hands […]

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I guess it started a while ago when I realized that for most wedding photographers, myself included, “I exclusively work with natural light” translates into “I am afraid of strobe.” For many years, I lived by this mantra understanding and celebrating pure, natural light. However, despite the ability to manipulate this light, I have to […]

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