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Nokia Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 The Apple iPhone 4s I think the grain, the blacks, and the skin tones speak for themselves here. Wow Nokia. Is it a phone that has a camera? Or is it a camera that has a phone? With 41 Megapixels, a Carl Zeiss lens, lossless zoom, RAW capture capability, and an […]

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Top Model Release One Day Sale!

Kick start your New Year and take advantage of our special $4.99 price. Don’t get bogged down with endless paper work, make the switch to Top Model Release today! *Available for all iOS devices   Like this post20 Likes

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Interested in how creating images is like making a feast?  Check out my interview with Wacom and LEARN about: My Retouching Process Creating my Photographic Style Why my Wacom Tablet is Essential View the Wacom blog to read the special edition of AfterCapture and see more video interviews – including an interview from one of my favorite photogs Colby Brown. Awesome […]

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Top Model Release App: Designed Exclusively for Photographers’ Peace of Mind When I first began my career as a professional photographer, I undervalued the necessity of getting the subjects of my portraits to sign releases; I was solely focused on crafting incredible pictures to build-up my portfolio. As industry figures began to take note of […]

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As a self-proclaimed geek, I get seriously excited about new gadgets and camera gear – and I just have to share with you why my Wacom Tablet  is one of the most important gadgets in my studio.  Let’s put it in perspective – The Wacom Tablet is to the mouse what a Smartphone is to […]

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