Bay Photo Lab is sponsoring eight large-scale metal prints for CHS’ September Burning Man art installation. This is my opportunity to extend a grateful thank you to Bay Photo Lab, without whose support, a new chapter in my artistic career wouldn’t be possible. Creative impulse becomes art only within the context of an integrated community. […]

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The Delkin ImageRouter is another product that I lived without for a long time, but now that I have it, I couldn’t imagine life without it! The ImageRouter has slots for 4 CF cards that can all be transferred to the computer at the same time. You can even link more than one ImageRouter together […]

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I was recently selected as an “Adobe Influencer” and have been playing with CS4.  There are a lot of amazing changes in the updated version and below is one of my favorites:Check out the “Content Aware Scale” Tool.  Here is an image of my cousin with its original aspect ratio: I am usually a full […]

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