Photo Shoots

After stepping into Viansa‘s wine cellar, I spotted Rachel.  A stunning Hollywood-style beauty, she readily embraced the extravagant photo shoot experience of dreams. Unusual in a wedding environment, a photographer couldn’t ask for more. What did we do with this freedom? Three Profoto D-1000s made the scene, a medium chimera with control grid as the key light, […]

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It’s Not Broken!

“It’s not broken!” These were the first words I ever heard uttered by interior-architect icon Cortney Novogratz.  After returning from the hospital with their nine-year-old son, Breaker, Cortney shouted her message up the stairwell in the six-story $20-million West Village home where she and her husband Robert live. Well, where they’re living for now.  Cortney […]

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I remember the way she looked up at me – her large almond-shaped eyes were filled with a conflicting fear of the unknown shrouded by a sense of wonder. My travels in India took me to a secluded village somewhere along the Ganges River – if I thought being in India was a culture shock, […]

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Woman of War

This image is part of a 1940s “Woman of War” period piece I shot at San Francisco’s historic Julia Morgan Ballroom, which is nestled downtown right along the cable car lines and is one of the city’s architectural crown jewels. With this sumptuous and storied environment as my backdrop, I coordinated a 10-person team of […]

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The Blizzard of ’06

They called it the Blizzard of ’06 – it had been a humdrum winter in New York City for 2 months, with snowy rooftops and white-coated trees that were a shadow of their summer selves everywhere you turned. That early February morning, I awoke to a sudden thunderous uproar, like an electric shock through my […]

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