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Afraid to charge clients what your photography skills are really worth? Nervous about taking risks during post-production? Get over it! Fear is the darkroom where all negatives are created. Trying to figure out what I’m talking about? Good. Consider this my invitation for you to check out my Top-Ten Tips for Overcoming Fear in Photography, as published by […]

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I’m incredibly honored that the International Aperture Awards selected me to be a judge for their 2010 photography competition! It is one of the world’s most prestigious online photography competitions and awards handsome cash prizes to the winners. In order to introduce their panel of international judges to the photography community, they have been conducting […]

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I captured “Parent’s First Look” s a mother and father first saw their daughter as a bride.Professional Photographer Magazine – Folio:  Comprising images selected from the fils of the PPA Loan Collection, Folio is a monthly sample of award-winning photography PPA members.  The Loan Collections is a slect group of some 500 photographs chosen annually […]

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