On Wednesday night, I attended Holiday Martini Madness, a swanky soiree hosted by Duncan Reyes at San Francisco’s Infusion Lounge. A gathering for wedding-industry professionals, we had a magnificent time chatting up and knocking back. Below, see some lovely pics with these rad insiders.   Like this post0 Likes

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While it’s always fun to travel, traveling as a photographer tops everything. For the next two weeks, I’m coming at you live from New York City, where commissions, corporate clients, and the PDN PhotoPlus Conference will help me feel like I’m back home…which I am! In New York, I got my start as a professional photographer, […]

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I’m incredibly honored that the International Aperture Awards selected me to be a judge for their 2010 photography competition! It is one of the world’s most prestigious online photography competitions and awards handsome cash prizes to the winners. In order to introduce their panel of international judges to the photography community, they have been conducting […]

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  So much of my passion and photographic style stems from my first encounter with Steve McCurry’s imagery. Seeing his work for the first time, I experienced a calming realization that I had encountered my ultimate inspiration. This connection defined a place of belonging, revealing stylistic interests that were not being stimulated by my more […]

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I guess it started a while ago when I realized that for most wedding photographers, myself included, “I exclusively work with natural light” translates into “I am afraid of strobe.” For many years, I lived by this mantra understanding and celebrating pure, natural light. However, despite the ability to manipulate this light, I have to […]

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