Dear Facebook Friends, I have decided to streamline my connections on facebook. I value the relationship I have with each and every one of you but with the way that I am currently using facebook, I feel unable to give all of you my appropriately directed attention. In order to remedy this situation, I have […]

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I’ve never considered myself a hoarder but when it comes to photography, I may need to re-evaluate this self-perception. I still have my first camera along with my first negatives and prints from my very first school assignments and the beginning of my photography career. I always wonder what other photographers do with their old […]

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I recently read my blog and realized that while its chalk full of accomplishments it doesn’t really say anything about ME but rather only talks about what I do.  In fact with the exception of a few photographic highlights (thanks to my clients!) it is pretty boring. It almost reads like a visual resume. As […]

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“The only limitations in life are those we place onourselves” When I was in high school, I took a photography class. I wasrecognized in the class and honored with my own display during open house! Duringthis open house I was proudly hanging around my photographs and overheard my teacher saythat I was talented, but would […]

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“It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you’re not.”-Denis Waitley To me, this quote reflects a belief that as artists and as people we are much greater than we can even imagine ourselves to be. Our capabilities are so much greater than we give ourselves credit for. Doubt puts […]

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