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I’m sure many of you are going to be taking snapshots in continuous mode of the glorious display of fireworks. It’s one of my favorite holidays and I’ll be hanging with the beautiful Petra Cross on a nice hike in North Berkeley!  I wish to leave you with a wonderful article on 10 tips for […]

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Quick Tip: People are often painfully conscious of being in front of the camera, especially at weddings. They get stiff and uncomfortable. I find that if I misdirect the attention from them to myself, they worry less about how they look. So don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t be afraid to laugh at or make fun […]

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Tip: It’s really important to constantly be challenging yourself in order to avoid getting stuck in a routine. Have fun with growing as an artist. I am continually reinventing myself, which has allowed both me and my work to grow.   Like this post19 Likes

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Karissa Lackey and Todd MarkerEngagement Session

Tip: I love shooting in the later afternoon, using a gold & silver zebra reflector to give my subjects a golden sunset glow.  These images often create a feeling of longing and romance.  Although I love the late afternoon look and feel … it probably isn’t the best fit for shooting a bank’s CEO. Corporate portraits […]

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Tip: Photographers often ask me for advice on finding a personal style. My feeling is that you don’t find your style; your style finds you. Be receptive to ideas that come to you as a photographer. You are never going to develop a unique style if you stick to what you know works and you’re […]

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