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Your main light source is the sun.  A reflector takes what it is given from the sun and modifies and redirects it.  That simple.  If you are shooting in broad daylight at noon and use a hard silver reflector to shine that sun right into your subject’s face, your photo will be a hard lit, […]

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Tip: If you have the desire to succeed and be exceptional, you will inevitably be exposed to criticism and rejection. Don’t be afraid to put yourself at risk and express yourself in a way that will allow you to grow. People are not going to pay a lot of money for a mediocre photographer. There are […]

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CatherineHall Editorial-8

Tip: Bring lots of big heavy duty ziplock bags.  Literally stuff some in every pocket.  If a dust/sandstorm does make an appearance, throw the camera in a bag, zip it, and run for your shelter!  When safe, grab a can of canned air and clean every nook.  Follow this with a wet-wipe rubdown. Location: Black Rock, […]

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Tip: Make no mistake, children are their own bosses. If you want something from them, you’ll have to work for it. Some kids are naturals in front of a camera and will pose effortlessly. If you are faced with difficult or camera-shy kids, leave them alone and photograph other kids or people around them. They just […]

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Stephanie Anderson Lifestyle Headshots

Tips: And I mean really close (Inside your jacket, against your body).  Even full batteries have a habit of dying in freezing conditions.  Don’t let them.  If your camera dies, first try switching the battery with a warm one.  You might even get a couple more shots out of the dead battery once it warms up […]

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