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Tip: When traveling to any arid environment, especially one prone to 80mph dust storms (like Burning Man), plan ahead.  Visualize your shots and choose a lens that will best suit your needs.  Then, don’t take it off till you get home.  Airborne dust particles can wreak havoc on your image sensor.  Some of this also could […]

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Quick Tip: Love it when a little breeze comes along and lifts a model’s hair, and makes her outfit flow?  So do I.  It gives life and motion to what is really a still image.  When that little breeze becomes a medium breeze and you find your flexible reflector folding in half … Love the breeze […]

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Tip: This is for new photographers in particular. A lot of times you will be offered jobs that you think you can’t do, and you just have to put faith in the fact that if the person offering you the job thinks you can do it, you probably can. Never turn down an opportunity! Image: “Tibetan […]

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Tip: It can be intimidating to work with a subject you cannot control. Remember you are the artist and if you have a vision, don’t be afraid to ask for help. For my Tasmania series, I had a vision of a girl – who was wearing pants – twirling in a dress. So, I asked her […]

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