CH announced as part of WPPI’s “Dream Team”

It is quite an honor to be included in Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International "Dream Team".  In the August issue, Rangefinder announced the following:The 2009 lineup of WPPI Platform speakers is quite possibly the inest collection of the most successful professional photographers int eh industry - not to mention the most sought after on the speaking circuit.  WPPI has created a "DREAM TEAM" of Platform Speakers for 2009 whil will be presenting an array of topics.  Fellow speakers include:  Marcus Bell, Joe Buissink, Bambi Cantrell, Michele Celentano, Bruce Dorn, Jim Garner, Jerry Ghionis, Gene Higa, Joe Photo, JB & DeEtte Sallee, Eddie Tapp, Vicki Taufer, Jeff & Julia Woods, and Yervant.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have never seen Shortribs and Slick look soooooo happy or beautiful!