Controlled Soft Light With Chimera Softbox

As an artist, I've long had an affinity for soft, velvety light full of rich tonal gradations. Two main components determine the degree of softness of a light to subject:
  1. The size of the source.
  2. The distance from the source to the subject.
Chimera softbox increases the source size of a concentrated, artificial light source such a strobe head. It offers a controlled, diffused light that provides visual radiance and a balanced gradient of all 256 nuances of gray. Softer lighting produces flattering luminosity and subtle wrapping of light around your subjects. Not convinced?  There is a host of reasons to include Chimera's in your gear bag. For instance, harsh lighting leaves distinct marks on imperfect skin, whereas soft lighting minimizes unevenness. Positioning a grid accessory on a softbox allows you to ensure that the subject, and not the background or other extraneous objects, is lit. Directional, soft light achieves a slimming effect, as graded shadow and highlights optically shave off excess. In short, softboxes afford photographers maximal control over a shoot, and Chimera's lightweight, portable, and durable equipment is an industry-standard product that has been an essential component in my gear bag for years.


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