Buy Amazing Art, Help Tsunami Child Victims

The world watched on March 11 as the worst earthquake in decades rocked the northeast coast of Japan, subsequently triggering a tsunami that swallowed everything in its path. A month on, the nation struggles to recover from the devastating effects of the disaster.

A few weeks ago, Maki Kawakita, an extraordinary artist-photographer, sent out a call to me and other artists. She wanted to use their artwork to raise funds and convey a positive, uplifting message. What she came up with in a short period of time is nothing short of astounding.

She did a wonderful job, gathering and curating artwork from an impressive ensemble of artists, such as Russell Hart, John Isaac, Jackie King, Naomi Harris, Luke Chueh, Leonardo Drew, Cojo, Rin Yamamura, and Gigi Cohen.

I, too, donated my artwork entitled “Elizabeth, Black Rock Desert” taken at Burning Man to her unique collection, which is on sale until next Monday, May 2, 2011, on Jondo’s website.

The premise is simple:

You buy amazing curated art.

The money goes to a good cause.

Here are the 11 images we are all very proud to call, Creative Mind [Hopeful Child]. If you have time to spare, please help by sending this call-to-action message to your social media friends/followers.

Buy amazing art, donate to @savethechildren #Japan relief efforts. Check out Creative Mind [Hopeful Child] collection.

Thank you. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to help  :)

xoxo Cath


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