Facebook Improvements | My New Approach to Connecting With You

Dear Facebook Friends, I have decided to streamline my connections on facebook. I value the relationship I have with each and every one of you but with the way that I am currently using facebook, I feel unable to give all of you my appropriately directed attention. In order to remedy this situation, I have decided to de-friend many people from my personal account. Now before you gasp in disbelief, (I'm not a snob!) please know that my decision is based on improving our relationship on Facebook. In order to better manage my valuable relationships, I realize I need to distinguish between my personal account and my photography oriented Facebook Page. This way I can enhance your Facebook experience by providing relevant content. My Approach: In the next week I will be making the following improvements to my facebook approach:
  1. I will de-friend almost everyone other than family and close friends that I am in regular contact with. Everyone else will be re-directed to my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/catherinehallstudios
  1. I will be sending an event invite on Facebook to my followers in order to remind you to switch over to my fan page. I don't want anyone to miss what has happened and end up de-friended with no explanation!
My Reasoning: When I began with Facebook, it was to keep up with family and close friends. I would like to return to this on my personal account. This will avoid redundant updates and allow me to keep my photography page up to date. I am doing this in order to be more available to you as a photographer. I want to provide you, my followers, with relevant news that is of interest to you. I won't bog you down with my personal updates and chitchat with old friends. I want to be attentive and do not want to miss important messages from my followers, or from my family or friends. By separating the two, I will be more effectively able to view and answer people. I look forward to staying connected with you on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/catherinehallstudios. You can also keep posted by checking my Twitter account: @Catherine_Hall which I update regularly. I hope this helps explain what is happening with my Facebook account. I am extremely grateful for your support and look forward to connecting with you on my Facebook page soon!

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  1. Just yesterday I told my husband that I wanted to do this EXACT thing. Props!