Finding Peace and Other News

I recently lost someone very close to me to cancer and this loss has been a lot more trying and complex than I could have ever imagined. Having to work through the grief and pain of loss has been quite trying. My achievement of the week? Starting to find relief and peace (I know its a long road) – and remembering the beauty in life and good times.

In the mean time, news from my studio:

Can You Spot Me On the Cover?

When I was asked to be a part of a photo shoot at WPPI in March, I didn’t know I would be on Rangefinder‘s cover! Michael Greenberg arranged the shoot for the Graphistudio‘s Day In The Life of WPPI 2011 book. Most of the other photographers were informed of the shoot – I did not hear of it until the night before. I was told to do something creative. Due to the late notice, I didn’t have any props and I decided to make a dress out of magazines that I have been published in. Very last minute, but a lot of fun!

Awesome Week in the Big Apple

It’s always fun to be in New York City and I wasted no time to catch up with clients, editors and friends, such as Adorama’s social media darling, Joel Meisels. Being based in the West Coast, I usually only talk to my East Coast friends online or on the phone. It was great getting facetime with people. I can’t wait to go back!

TWiP #192: On Lady Gaga & Copyright

In this episode of TWiP, Frederick Van Johnson, the “Godfather” Rick Sammon, Tyler Ginter and I discuss how Lady Gaga demands the rights to her concert photographs and copyright issues, the tragedy in Japan, and autofocus. Listen to our engaging banter and watch out for my tip on lighting and gear picks of the week: Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2.0 & HDR Efex Pro

Recommended: Nancy Liu Chin Designs

Nancy Liu Chin is one of the forefront leaders in the wedding floral design industry. Her designs are a blend of modern chic, contemporary elegance and whimsical details. Her creations embody a flirty, yet refined charm—bursting with luxurious colors and breathtaking beauty. In a nutshell, she is brilliant. I highly recommend her premier floral and event design studio in San Francisco to any bride-to-be. I recommend other partners and friends in my For Photographers and For Brides sections. Would you like to be included in our Recommended section? Please email your request to

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  1. Ferlin Sovereign

    Hi , Catherine.
    Love your shows….however I am having a hard time getting my android phone to subscribe to your new podcast.I have tried TM beyondpod and TM google listen with no luck…any help would be appreciated.
    Also a guest request would be the guys from the podcast ‘Big Lens Fast Shutter’
    these guys have improved my sports shooting tremendously …they hold no punches and tell a shooter how to get the best shots.
    They can be a little NSFW at times with language, but that’s part of what I like.
    Thanks Ferlin Sovereign