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I was extremely fortunate to be included in Ron Dawson's F-Stop Beyond Series.  He has interviewed many of our industries top professionals such as the Woods, Michelle Celentano, Jim Garner, Joe Photo, etc.  He is an incredible artist himself and did and amazing job.   Below is his interview description and link to the show. What do a massage therapist and a wedding and portrait photographer have in common? Well, you gotta listen if you want to find out. Perhaps it was Catherine Hall's experience as the former that contributed to her being such a terrific photographer. Or, maybe it was the nationally acclaimed skiing she used to do that gave her the competitive edge to rise above the rest. Or, perhaps, despite the fact that she was a middle child, instead of embracing a "Jan Brady" ("Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!") attitude, Catherine always saw herself AS Marcia. Whatever the secret, Catherine's experience as an editorial, portrait, and wedding photographer have made her creme of the crop in the industry (she was one of only a few women selected as "Young Guns" earlier this year at WPPI). This is one of those episodes that will make you laugh as well as give you inspiration. We cover a whole host of topics: childhood; massage therapy; skiing; west coast vs. east coast (she's bi-coastal, "not that there's anything wrong with that."); and, at the end, she gives us her take on two of the most oft-asked questions she gets as a speaker and instructor: how do you get sponsors and how do you get to charge high fees? We cover such a variety of topics, I've crowned Catherine "The Tangent Queen." Please enjoy the SHOW.

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  1. Great interview. I love your website and blog!