I’m a Guest on Rick Sammon’s DPE Podcast

Rick Sammon's one of my favorite people in the industry and I have been lucky enough to work with him on several occasions, on TWiT Photo as well as This Week in Photo (TWIP). Rick's an awesome photography educator and just an all-round great guy; I'm so honored to be invited as a guest on his exceptional Digital Photo Experience Podcast. Bringing you the best photography tips, advice and news, The Digital Photo Experience broadcasts twice a month, at the beginning and middle of the month. Rick cohosts The Digital Photo Experience with wildlife and nature photographer Juan Pons. In this episode, I talk to Rick about staying well-balanced with yoga, the importance of blogging, sunlight and more! Also on the show, Rick and Juan answer questions live from the participants of Rick Time Square Photo Shoot, and talks to another of my favorites, TWiP's Frederick Van Johnson. Thanks for the kind words of introduction, Rick! Listen to the podcast here:


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  1. Catherine this appears to be the wrong Podcast this episode is all about video, film making and TV.

    If you’ve got 5 – 10 mins to spare I’d appreciate it if you could take a look at work on 500px and e-mail me some feedback. Cheers.

    BTW I love the TWiT Photo podcasts.

    • Hi Andy, thanks for the heads up. It should be the right episode now! Your portfolio looks great :) Seems like 500px is a great platform for photographers. Glad you’re enjoying TWiT Photo. Don’t forget to watch Zack Arias tomorrow :)

    • I was wondering what the deal was. I listened to the whole show and was like I never heard Catherine’s lovely voice…. did I lose time some where? time warp? abducted by aliens?

      nope just a bad link. thanks for the update.

    • Lol Brian, no I wasn’t abducted by aliens, the original link we posted somehow skipped to Rick’s latest episode. Not sure how that happened as we tested the link before posting it. Thanks for staying tuned! Hope the podcast (and my tips!) was useful to you :)