Images Featured in ASMP’s 2008 “Best-of Series”

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Two of my images were featured in American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. Best of Series: Mikkel Aaland.  Mikkel organized the Tasmania trip and ASMP featured an interview with Mikkel and images from the group.  See feature explanation below:

The 2008 'Best Of' Series

Photographer and author Mikkel Aaland needed both creative and logistical skills to assemble a team of world-class photographers for two weeks of intense shooting and image editing on Australia's Tasmania archipelago. Long days spent with cameras and long nights with computers produced a remarkable wealth of images and technical tips. Aaland and team built on the success of the earlier Lightroom Adventure Iceland trek to garner governmental appreciation, widespread media attention and over 2 million hits to multiple adventure Web sites within the first week of their return.

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