Interview with AfterCapture Presented by Wacom

Interested in how creating images is like making a feast?  Check out my interview with Wacom and LEARN about:
  • My Retouching Process
  • Creating my Photographic Style
  • Why my Wacom Tablet is Essential
View the Wacom blog to read the special edition of AfterCapture and see more video interviews - including an interview from one of my favorite photogs Colby Brown. Awesome video done by the talented Weston Maggio and Joseph Sliger.

Is there anyone else who can't live without their wacom?


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  1. Catherine, YES! I too love my Wacom. So true about looking at each image. You are there at each moment the photo was taken and you want to create the feeling that was felt then. No batch action will do that. I also love my mouse and keyboard…I applied keystroke short cuts to mouse buttons and keyboard commands for faster work.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can’t work without my Wacom Graphire 4! It is excellent for retouching, processing and anything else us photographers need to do. Love your blog Catherine, and have been following you since the photo show on Twit! Looking forward to Photography Unfiltered. :)