10 Tips to Help Photogs on G+ Part 1: Google+ Basics

Wonder what the buzz is about Google+? Or, have you already signed up but aren’t sure where to begin? The deft team at Kelby Media, including the big man himself, Scott, Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion, put together a short 2-part online class packed full of great starter tips for newbies or people interested to give Google+ a go. Learn how to optimize your profile, your status updates, how to be a good Net citizen, and more!

Also, stay tuned to my blog as I will post Part 2 of this online class, where popular Googlers, such as past TWiT Photo guest Alex Koloskov and HDR pioneer Trey Ratcliff, and I talk about our Google+ behavior in a hangout with Matt, Scott and RC.


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  1. Extremely Powerful information.

  2. Stephen Dickson

    About the best show I’ve seen at Kelby…

  3. […] you Catherine Hall, wedding photographer and hostess on TWiT Photo for posting this video on your blog. I learned some tips I didn’t know and think it’s definitely worth 30 mins of your time […]