Lighting Journey: Working It All Out

Lighting Journal Entry #3 - One year ago... Our journey started off with a bang. Ryan and I were in complete agreement that Profoto was the only lights we wanted to use. Since the company is internationally recognized as the best, neither of us thought otherwise. We walked up to the Profoto booth at WPPI holding hands and excited to embark on this experience that would surely bring us closer. Unfortunately, our bliss was cut short when Ryan, with his film industry background, exclaimed that we were looking for the second biggest generator Profoto makes and happens to be incredibly heavy. Plus, this generator he was looking for is one their most expensive pieces of gear (we're talking double digits here). Ok, I admit it... as a chick, I like compressed, cute stuff. Easy to move, easy to store, and well, cute to look at. We discovered our differences on the Profoto Booth floor and had a bit of a tiff. Needless to say the two sales reps eagerly helping us slowly backed away and disengaged -- awkward!! I felt like we had all been part of a domestic dispute. Good thing I made a lasting impression on my sponsor... and hopefully entertained a few people passing by. We laughed over our argument later and turned it into a point of discussion, finally coming to a synonymous decision on what was best for Catherine Hall Studios. I'm looking forward to sharing my choice soon! Lighting Blog Series Sponsored By: Profoto, California Sunbounce, Manfrotto, and Gitzo


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  1. I hope I am not being thick, but what is a synonymous decision?

    • Kneolwdge wants to be free, just like these articles!

  2. CatherineHall

    Yes, definitely!

  3. Great site. Well done on the amazing photos.