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As an artist, I seek out inspiration everywhere. But I never it find it more than in the faces of the people who surround me.  I'm fascinated by finding the beauty and wonder in everyone who crosses my path, and have decided to use this blog series, Surrounded by Muse, to recognize those special people whose lives have lit a spark of inspiration in my soul.It seems most fitting to start the series by featuring the most inspirational woman in my life, my mother, Linda Hall. My mother is the most caring, free-spirited, kind woman I have ever met. Whether she is creating art, designing interiors of the rich and famous (such as NFL player Jeff George), or growing the yummiest tomatoes in our home garden, she never ceases to inspire me. In addition to being a phenomenal mother, wife, and daughter, at 66 she can shake her booty on the dance floor better than my friends less than half her age! She lives an honest and moral life, founded on integrity, and loves her family unconditionally. I could go on and on about what I admire, but perhaps the greatest lesson my mother has taught me is how to relate to others and earn their trust. As I told Rangefinder Magazine, when mom "walks into a room, it just lights up. She seems to be able to do this with everyone, whether it's a famous person or someone who's homeless. She's...very open, and people respond by directly opening up to her. They not only like her, they trust her." My mother also taught me that energy is contagious-- a lesson that's been indispensable as a professional who relies on good relationships with people. When I'm shooting, my positive attitude carries over to the subjects. Soon they get excited too. They see that I want to create art in a positive way and we end up with an amazing experience. For this, and all the other ways she has so profoundly touched my life, I thank her. I love you mom! Click here to view full CHS_Feature.pdf

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  1. chichi

    Yay! Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt passage about your mother… Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside…