Me & David Lynch in Epson Films


Oh. My. God.

I don’t usually blush like a teenage girl. However, when you’ve been selected by a prestigious international brand to be in a short film alongside icons such as David Lynch, I think you are allowed to feel a little light-headed.

As part of its soon-to-be-released Exhibition Canvas Satin, Epson asked me to talk about my wedding photography and my relationship with its high-quality, premium canvas. The only wedding photographer worldwide to be featured, I was so honored at the recognition of my art and of Catherine Hall Studios.

And yes, I’m beyond thrilled at being showcased with famous artists and photographers, such as Lynch – epic director of Mulholland Drive and The Elephant ManGreg Gorman, Art Wolfe and Vincent Versace. This is a great milestone for me as a photographer as well as for my San Francisco studio. I am lost for words.

Epson invited us to share our personal experiences with its signature-worthy papers, and everyone had nothing but wonderful praises for the brand that has consistently been a leader in the digital printing world.

Lynch: “The feel of this paper is incredible and the image that pops off is kind of a dream.”

Wolfe: “The overall quality and surface makes many of my prints feel more like paintings.”

In the film, I talked specifically about the Exhibition Canvas Satin, which is built on a polyester and cotton blend that is specially coated to produce vibrant colors as well as rich, deep blacks and tonal gradations. Easily stretched and coated to help achieve the best combination of image quality and archival display life, the heavy 21-mm canvases helped me produce finishing prints that captured the nuances of colors and gradations. This is so important for rendering the full character of my subject.

Epson will release the film very soon! I’m curious to see what you think about me all dolled up ;) Thanks, Dano Steinhardt of Epson for arranging this, and videographer Marc Vanocur and my hair/make-up stylist Armando Sarabia for making me look so good!

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  1. Congratulations! I’m really excited for you …and super impressed, but you always impress me!
    P.s. You look Gorgeous!!!