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"The only limitations in life are those we place onourselves"

When I was in high school, I took a photography class. I wasrecognized in the class and honored with my own display during open house! Duringthis open house I was proudly hanging around my photographs and overheard my teacher saythat I was talented, but would never make it as a pro. Hearing that sparked somethingin me that made me want to succeed.  Despite the discouraging comment from a teacher I looked up too, I chose not to let someone else'sopinion of me determine my future. Since high school, there have been many people that feel I don't have what it takes to make it.  The limitations they see in me are limited to their beliefs.  The only true limitations are those that I choose to inflict upon myself.  


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  1. Excellent…thank you for this Catherine. The right message at the right time. =)

  2. Catherine .. what did you differently then, or work harder at, to be successful?
    Neil vN

  3. This is SO right on Cathrine. Glad you posted this timeless truth. Your Photos Rock.!!! :-)

  4. Thanks for posting this. I expereince this alot. I am starting out in creating my own photography buisness…its inspireing to know we all started out somewhere small, and you are an inspiration to me to see that the limits of how successful I can one day become if I work hard at it. I sometimes become discouraged when comparing my work with others even though I try not to its hard to not. Any advice?

  5. CatherineHall

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and appreciation.
    Neil, I would say that a big part of my success is attributed to not giving up. It is a hard field to make it in and you just have to stay focused and do whatever it takes to get where you want to go. There will be times you want to through in the towel, which is all right, just don’t give up!
    Chelsie, it is great to look at others work for inspiration but you try to avoid “comparing” your self to others for many reasons. First, everyone has to start somewhere and when i look at my old work it is pretty bad. You aren’t supposed to be amazing out of the gates. Second, there is no way to really compare your work because it is subjective and we are all biased in the perception of our own work. The best thing you can do is be inspired by others and continue to grow.

  6. Nicole

    Damn Mr. Barber! Boy was he wrong. Wonder what he’s doing these days as you photograph around the world. xoxo, Bunz

  7. justin stout

    hey catherine, this is justin stout in squaw. anyway, i was cleaning out my buisness card case and found your card. how have you been. hit me up if you get this. my email is